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par melvillebutler
27 août 2010 6:34
Sujet : [Wii] Avoidance v1.1
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Re: [Wii] Avoidance v1.1

It is really very great post. But I am so worry to modify the motion blur. I know that It is not easier as I thought. So I hope that You will show the best frame work which I will use easily and also modified the controller as well.
par melvillebutler
27 août 2010 6:29
Sujet : [NDS] PacMan E v0.92 alpha
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Re: [NDS] PacMan E v0.92 alpha

Nice to share the video of this game. I am so appreciate for you that You will build this game on your own. I wish that You will come with this game as well as soon. I hope that I will see this game with epic sound.
par melvillebutler
26 août 2010 11:00
Forum : JEUX / GAMES
Sujet : [Compo] TicTacToe
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Re: [Compo] TicTacToe

Nice to share this link. It is really very useful for those people who have not knew about the installation instruction. I want to update it on my windows . I hope that I will install it as well using the information. Nice job.
par melvillebutler
26 août 2010 10:54
Forum : JEUX / GAMES
Sujet : [compo] Pacline
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Re: [compo] Pacline

I think that This game is not contain hardcore level. I have gotten pacman couple of months ago. But This game is totally different than its. So I am curious to enjoy this game as well. I hope that I will get it as well as.

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