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[Compo] Alien Puzzle Wii

Posté : 22 mars 2010 2:46
Name : Alien Puzzle Wii
Author : GEMISIS
Origin: U.S.

Short description : A homebrew game where you must navigate a little alien to the end of the level. The only catch: Once you start moving, you can't stop!!! Along the way, try to gather as many gems as possible to increase your score. Carry your score from level to level, to make a giant one!
Download :
Tools and Documentation:

For more info of this game, go to,50997 as this game is still a work in progress. Please report any bugs on there as well.

Re: [Compo] Alien Puzzle Wii

Posté : 22 mars 2010 9:38
par Cid2Mizard
Hi and welcome :).

Can you send me "Alien Puzzle v4" DS, for add in nmax archive ?

Re: [Compo] Alien Puzzle Wii

Posté : 22 mars 2010 16:03
here is a quick file post link for it, i'll upload it to my ftp server later: ... 00f9212b75

also, i'm planning on releasing an updated version sometime tonight or tomorrow of the wii version. the new version has a ton of new features including an actual menu now, level previews, and bug fixes :D here are some in game pics of the pending updated version:

Improved Dlc shop with level preview:

Another picture of the improved Dlc shop:

The level select with a level that has no preview:

The level select with a leve that has a preview:

Also, here's an in-game picture for those who are curious of what the game play looks like:


Re: [Compo] Alien Puzzle Wii

Posté : 22 mars 2010 17:19
par Cid2Mizard
Thanks for DS binary :)

Re: [Compo] Alien Puzzle Wii

Posté : 25 mars 2010 3:09
Hey, just thought i would let everyone here know that I have released a brand new version of the game with major updates. Here's a short list of them:

-New menu graphics!!
-Dlc shop now includes a level preview
-Level Browser now includes a level preview
-Added support for sticky walls
-Added support for bouncy walls. These can be jumped over once a certain speed is achieved.
-Added MULTIPLAYER support
-Added Multiplayer level section to level select
-Added Multiplayer level Dlc section
-Levels can now be created in parts, meaning that in order to complete the whole level, you have to complete mini parts (currently only supports up to 99 level parts)
-A documentation was created for creating levels, game info, and more! (see first post)
-The level creation tools were released as well! (see first post)

Also, a multiplayer map was added, along with 4 other new single player levels: a car shaped level, a world shaped level, a bus shaped level, and a level where you have to make lots of choices. As usual, these are available via the dlc shop.

also, i added the documentation and level creation tools to the first post as well.



Updated again, this time to include a bit less sensitive collisions :)


Some more bug fixes:

-Fixed a weird bug that was happening when going from page to page in the level select menu.

Re: [Compo] Alien Puzzle Wii

Posté : 13 avr. 2010 16:04
New version is out! Sorry for the delay, I updated the game late last night and was exhausted. I fell asleep before I could update this. The new version includes the following updates:

-A new mp3 player layout. This new version includes playlist support, a pause feature (that pauses the song. It doesn't STOP it.), and multiple song file browser. It also displays some id3 tag info for v1.0, v2.2, v2.3, and v2.4.

-An options menu, which includes five difficulties now: Very Easy, Easy, Normal, Hard, and Very Hard.

-Object packs! These can either be created or downloaded from the DLC shop. They allow you to change the in-game graphics.

-Free Type Font support! This means that the fonts look nicer.

-Two multiplayer modes are available now: co-op and vs.

You can find the control scheme here:
Please note that the mp3 player control scheme has changed.

Re: [Compo] Alien Puzzle Wii

Posté : 31 mai 2010 4:22
Final Update before the end of the competition. Includes a fix to a video problem, and some shiny new graphics. The graphics are not all done yet, but most of the main ones are including the menu and the in game ones. The original ones will be available as a download on the dlc shop soon. The update can be found in the first post.


Re: [Compo] Alien Puzzle Wii

Posté : 31 mai 2010 6:30
par Cid2Mizard
It's a new v0.5 or 0.6 but no change on meta.xml ??

Re: [Compo] Alien Puzzle Wii

Posté : 31 mai 2010 6:42
whoops, yeah it's v0.6, sorry, forgot to edit that XD


Re: [Compo] Alien Puzzle Wii

Posté : 31 mai 2010 6:43
par Cid2Mizard
GEMISIS a écrit :whoops, yeah it's v0.6, sorry, forgot to edit that XD

Ok thanks and good luck :)

Re: [Compo] Alien Puzzle Wii

Posté : 09 juin 2010 19:17
par Cid2Mizard
With a 4:3 TV, the screen is cut on down !!