[3DS] Snakes v0.1=>0.1.7

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[3DS] Snakes v0.1=>0.1.7

Message par Cid2Mizard » 07 janv. 2017 13:01


Desynched propose la version 0.1 puis 0.1.7 de "Snakes", adaptation multijoueurs (local) du jeu du Serpent pour la nintendo 2DS/3DS.

Introducing a local play game supporting 1-8* players!
This is a great party game!
[*: only 5 players in one room have been tested so far! If you find out how this game behaves with more than 5, let me know! ]

I will upload a video of gameplay soon!

This is an alpha release.

Ability to play offline now!
Added splash screen.
Added suggestion to turn wi-fi on if it is not on when starting the game.
Fixed bug where releasing the CPad when moving diagonal doesn't update this change to the other connected devices.

Please let me know how any more than 4 players in a room behaves!
Let me know if it's laggy!



Added new game option: Disappear on death. Now you can have a true tron cycle bike game mode by enabling: Tron mode, No apple, Disappear on death.
Fixed a slew of bugs, including: ghost readies, being unable to press A for the first second at the end of a round, dropping death packets that force some players to stay in game when round is actually over, players getting stuck in "game starting...", and many more.


Game automatically saves your set username for next time.
Changes to game options during round's end now displayed to other players.
New "apple doubles length" game option.


YOU CAN NOT LOCAL PLAY WITH PREVIOUS VERSIONS. This is to prevent game-breaking and unfair advantages by people who would not see boundaries in the game, etc.​
You can now set game modes as host! At start screen or at the end of a round, press Select! Current game modes can be toggled in any combination: Boundaries kill (like classic snake), Tron mode (tail always grows), Disable Diagonals (CPad can't auto-diagonal), Disable A (no fast moving), Disable B (no slow moving), Enable R (go in reverse), No apple (Win by killing everyone!)​
Fixed various bugs like apple not appearing at start of match.​


New system-font console! This means players 5+ will have correct font colors for their names on the bottom screen. It also means your unicode usernames will be displayed properly most of the time! The only times they won't is due to the system font not having those characters (like lenny face)​
Fixed some netcode bugs!​


Fixed crash when more than 1 player gets the same apple​
Added QR Code display when pressing X at start screen.​
Added splash screen​
Ability to play offline. (when wifi is disabled)​

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(3DSX/3DS/CIA/ELF) : Snakes v0.1.7
Source : gbatemp.net
Site Officiel : github.com


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