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Nintendomax Wii Dev Competition 2012


Objective Contest :

- Create an original homebrew for the nintendo Wii.

Presentation :
- Deadline: May 31, 2012 at 23h59 your time.
- Categories: games.
- Duration: 3 month.
- Theme: Nothing.

Rules :

- Everyone can participate, regardless of the country.

- All games must be totally new for the Wii. This implies that no projects have been submitted shall be posted on another site before the competition closed.

- The project progress can be posted during the contest period (WIP, Previews, videos, etc.).

[barre]- A Splash Screen will be posted april 16, 2012 after a competition for designers organized by us.[/barre]

- Participants may submit 1 or more projects.

- Ranking of the contest will be defined by a jury. No public vote is held.

- The classification criteria are multiple (originality, graphics, life, gameplay, personal notes, stability / bug, etc ...), a report will be posted after the vote.

- Competition results will be posted June 30, 2012.

- The following image is Splash Screen, she will be the first image to appear in the project and will be posted at least 5 seconds. Transitions and all types of effects are allowed.
By Sheeft

How do I post a project ?

- For games, participants must open a topic "[Compo] Project title" in section NMAX Wii DEV COMPO 2012 ‹ Jeux / Games forum and put available archive of the project ready to be used exclusively for the Wii with a text file explaining the installation procedure if necessary.

- It will make your project as :
Name : My homebrew
Author(s) : Name(s)/Nickname(s)
Origin : Country

Short description : My homebrew is a puzzle game ...

Download : http://mywebsite/.../ .rar 7z etc
- If you do not have hosting, we can upload your project directly on our server by sending us a request via PM or directly on the forum.

Prizes to win :

For homebrews :
- 1st -
1 x Nintendo 3DS
1 x 100€ en bon d'achat or 1 x Manette Rapid Fire au choix
1 x Super Mario 3D Land
1 x Save Dongle USB
1 x SuperCard DSOnei

- 2nd -
1 x Manette Rapid Fire au choix ou 1 x 100€ en bon d'achat
1 x SuperCard DSOnei
1 x Pack accessoires 12 en 1 pour 3DS
1 x Protection Silicone iPhone 4 Rouge, Bleu ou Noir
1 x Wiimote + nunchuck "Sans motion Plus"
1 x Boitier Hdd Forme wii NOIR
1 x Manette Wii style "classic pro"
1 x T-Shirt Zack & Wiki Capcom (Taille S)

- 3rd -
1 x SuperCard DSOnei
1 x Figurine Kingdom hearts Jafar
1 x Figurine Kingdom hearts Ursula
1 x Figurine Kingodm Hearts Pat
1 x Figurine Dragon ball Yajirobe
1 x Figurine Dragon ball Bulma
1 x Figurine Dragon ball Trunk
1 x Figurine Dragon Ball Gotrunk
1 x Figurine Dragon ball Goku + Dragon
1 x Figurine Dragon ball Krilin
1 x Figurine Dragon Ball Piccolo + Gohan
1 x Figurine Dragon Ball Yamsha + plume
1 x Figurine Dragon Ball C18 + C16
1 x Figurine Dragon ball Oob
1 x Figurine Dragon ball Sangoku
1 x Figurine Naruto kakashi
1 x Figurine Naruto Pain

- 4th -
1 x SuperCard DSOnei

For Splash Screen's contest :
1 x SuperCard DSOnei

Jury :

- Cid2mizard de
- beredezebe de
- mellika de

Sponsors :

We thank :

,that support the amateur development and work to enable us to organize this competition.

Other notes :

This competition is intended to :

- Promote the amateur development for Wii.
- Giving a boost to developers not daring to cross the course code for Wii.
- Rewarding deserving developers.
- Promote our sponsors.

We expect strong participation from all communities of amateur development.

Have fun :).

For questions about the contest, it's here => Questions Divers / Miscellaneous Questions.[/justify]


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