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[Compo] Harmony's Nightmare

Posté : 30 mai 2012 1:53
par Mr. Reaper
Name : Harmony's Nightmare
Author : Mr. Reaper (Aaron Oliver)
Origin : USA

Short description : Multi-Genre Platform/Reflex/Puzzle/Horror Survival Game.

EDIT: Competition is over, so get the most recent version here:'s_Nightmare

That's, uhh... pretty much it!

It's my first homebrew game....

Re: [Compo] Harmony's Nightmare

Posté : 30 mai 2012 12:50
par beredezebe
Good luck with your game ! I'll try it in the evening.

Re: [Compo] Harmony's Nightmare

Posté : 30 mai 2012 14:19
par Cid2Mizard
Welcome and good luck :)

Re: [Compo] Harmony's Nightmare

Posté : 30 mai 2012 15:33
par owen
Good Luck @Mr. Reaper

Re: [Compo] Harmony's Nightmare

Posté : 30 mai 2012 18:47
par Mr. Reaper

It's all Owen's fault that I entered this contest!

He poked me over on Wiibrew and asked if I wanted to collaborate on making any homebrew, so I started coming up with ideas and making some art, and then I wanted to look at the coding too, so he helped me get set up with Devkit pro, and then I just made my own game from scratch :mrgreen:

Owen is a very helpful guy.

Re: [Compo] Harmony's Nightmare

Posté : 30 mai 2012 19:49
par Cid2Mizard
Owen is no stranger to the competition :)

Re: [Compo] Harmony's Nightmare

Posté : 31 mai 2012 0:07
par ThatOtherPerson
I tried it and I really like it :) nicely done.

Re: [Compo] Harmony's Nightmare

Posté : 31 mai 2012 19:34
par Mr. Reaper

By the way, there is a silly little "easter egg" in the game if you lose without collecting any notes, heh.

Re: [Compo] Harmony's Nightmare

Posté : 06 juin 2012 19:46
par Mr. Reaper
I thought I would post the story behind my game now. I didn't want to post it sooner, because it contains spoilers, and it is much more fun to play the game first and be surprised by what you find!

If you have already played the game, feel free to read!

But the ending is a MAJOR SPOILER! You should not read that until you have beaten the game ;) It is better to be surprised!

The Story:

Harmony was listening to her music late one night. Then she became so tired she had to lie down and go to sleep.... At first her dreams were pleasant. She heard soft music playing as her blue bed sheets became blue wings in her dream, and she drifted through the sky over a barren landscape....

But then the green worm figurine sitting on her CDs by her bedside appeared in her dream and took away her good music, knocking 100 musical notes away from her.... As she lost the notes, the music in her dream became more frightening, and monster worms started appearing....

The Sky:

Harmony saw some of her lost musical notes drifting through the sky, but nightmare worms dove down toward her, biting at her with their sharp teeth. The music in her dream started to have a pounding beat, which was the beat of her own heart speeding up as the nightmare began.... Harmony used her wings to fly toward the drifting notes and collect them, but as she did, more and more worms appeared, and they moved faster and faster, until the sky was filled with angry, biting monsters.... Finally, one of them bit her and tore off her wings, causing Harmony to fall to the ground!

The Lair:

Harmony fell a great distance into a crater far below. She found herself in the lair of the worm monsters, where a baby worm crawled around seeking food. The music in her dream became creepy crawly, but she found more of her musical notes here, and began collecting them, careful not to step on the baby worm. Each time she collected a note, the sound attracted more baby worms, which came crawling out of the walls.... She tiptoed around them cautiously... but soon there were so many of them she couldn't avoid them! Her bare foot brushed up against one of the wiggling things, and it started screeching loudly! All the baby worms fled the area as a deep rumbling sound was heard reverberating through the walls.... The ground was shaking so much that Harmony had a hard time keeping her balance. What was it? An Earthquake? No! Suddenly the giant Mother Of All Worms burst through the wall, attracted by the baby worm's screeching! It saw Harmony in its lair, and began chomping its teeth menacingly. Harmony noticed that a hole had been knocked out of the opposite wall, so she quickly ran toward it....

The Cavern:

Harmony tumbled out the other side of the hole, into a long cavern. As she got to her feet, the Mother Of All Worms burst through the wall behind her, and started chasing her! The cavern floor ahead dropped away, and Harmony was forced to jump onto the back of a big worm to keep from falling.... The music in her dream became frantic as she struggled to stay ahead of the Mother Worm.... She saw more of her musical notes drifting through the cave, so she tried to jump up and grab them as she hopped from worm to worm.... But the Mother Of All Worms began chasing her faster and faster and faster until she missed her jump and slipped, and began falling into a bottomless pit!

The Pit:

Harmony was afraid she might fall forever, but eventually she landed on the back of a long worm. There were many, many worms crawling around in this pit that seemed to go on and on.... But the Mother Of All Worms had also followed her into the pit, and was coming down toward her, trying to devour her, so Harmony had no choice but to keep running toward the bottom, tumbling ever downward with no sign of safety in sight. The music in her dream became intense, because she felt that her inevitable death was near.... On her way down, she found more of her musical notes.... She tumbled toward them and grabbed them as she fell from one worm to another. The worms seemed to try to block her escape, so she had to keep moving and trying to find ways around them..... Her nightmare was almost over... but would she be able to collect all 100 of her musical notes before the Mother Of All Worms caught up with her??

The End:

She did it! She recovered all her musical notes just before the Mother Of All Worms swallowed her! The notes played a familiar tune, and summoned Nyan Cat from her t-shirt into her dream! Nyan Cat swooped in with rainbows trailing behind, and saved Harmony from the jaws of the huge nightmare worm! With Harmony riding on its back, Nyan Cat flew off into space.... Harmony's dream had turned happy, and she smiled at the thrill of flying through space on the back of her friend....

Re: [Compo] Harmony's Nightmare

Posté : 08 juin 2012 15:25
par nonameno
Ca aurait été sympa de mettre des références a la GRRlib un peu en avant pour la promouvoir... ;)

Re: [Compo] Harmony's Nightmare

Posté : 08 juin 2012 18:01
par Mr. Reaper
Hi. I put GRRLIB in the credits screen of my game, and on my Wiibrew page, at the bottom, it's in the category: "Homebrew using GRRLib" :)