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[SWITCH] Super Methane Brothers v2.0 alpha

Posté : 08 avr. 2018 8:20
par Cid2Mizard

carstene1ns et al proposent une première ébauche de "Super Methane Brothers", portage de jeu du même nom, clone de Bubble Bobble pour la nintendo Switch.

Help the Super Methane Brothers Puff & Blow! Trap baddies in a gas cloud. Suck into your gas gun. Throw against a wall to destroy them.

Hat - Movement
A - Jump
B - Gas Gun
X - Toggle between Puff and Blow
Minus - Pause Game
Plus - Exit Game

Still waiting for my Switch to arrive. Sound support in the emulators is not really usable for now, so this is without sound and music.
No data files required, waiting for test reports. Thanks!
Téléchargement :
(NRO) : smb v2.0

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Site Officiel : methane