[SWITCH] Julius v1.1.0

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[SWITCH] Julius v1.1.0

Message par Cid2Mizard » 02 juin 2019 11:39

Après la version non-officiel de rsn8887, bvschaik propose la version 1.1.0 officiel du portage de "Julius" pour la nintendo Switch.
Julius est une réinterprétation open-source du jeu de gestion « Caesar III »

General improvements

Support for non-ascii characters in filenames
Support for non-ascii keyboards for hotkeys and file input
Touch support
Playstation Vita port
Nintendo Switch port
Show directory dialog when no valid Caesar 3 installation has been found
Save chosen directory to preferences
Support for Russian and Polish versions of the game. Get the required patches here: Russian, Polish.

Gameplay enhancements

Feedback when clearing land: hovering over a building will now highlight the building
Window positioning when coming out of fullscreen is handled more smoothly
Right-click info dialog now shows up at cursor instead of at the other side of the screen
Long filenames are truncated/ellipsized in the file dialog
Keyboard ENTER can be used to confirm yes/no dialogs
Mouse cursor is restricted to the display the game is playing on in fullscreen mode
Videos now play at the volume settings for "sound effects", rather than at 100% volume
Reduced audio lag when clicking buttons

Performance enhancements

Better performance when tooltips are drawn
Fixed memory leak and crashes when playing videos
Optimizations to drawing routines


Fixed: farm not drawing correctly on overlay in certain orientations
Fixed: earthquake tiles turning into rocks on map rotate
Fixed: soldiers not acting properly on enormous maps
Fixed: crash in manual entry for pottery
Fixed: strange things happening to fires caused by earthquakes
Fixed: after deleting a bridge the player could not rebuild a bridge on the same location
Fixed: random weird things caused by reuse of building memory
Fixed: some scenarios not loading on Linux because of case-sensitivity
Fixed: arrow keys not scrolling when hovering over buttons
Fixed: abandoned houses creating vacant lots at the wrong locations
Fixed: large insula not merging properly in some locations
Fixed: super-fast mouse clicks were not handled
Fixed: corrupt screenshots when taking them with hotkey F12
Téléchargement :
(NRO) : julius_switch v1.1.0.zip
Source : gbatemp.net
Site Officiel : github.com


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