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[SWITCH] AmiiSwap v1.0

Posté : 18 juin 2019 11:00
par Cid2Mizard

FuryBaguette propose la version 1.0 de "AmiiSwap", gestionnaire ou plutôt simulateur d'amiibo pour la nintendo Switch.

Release v1.0 !

No more settings file editing, setup everything easily and directly inside AmiISwap !
Complete UI rework, new menus and design !
Better icon support for games and amiibos. (png, jpeg, jpg) Place your game icon images inside sd:/switch/AmiISwap/game_icons, place your amiibo icons inside sd:/emuiibo or sd:/switch/AmiiSwap.
Added Randomize UUID
Amiibos are now sorted
Info about the currently active amiibo
Emuiibo emulation toggling
Bug fixes

If you're coming from 0.2 or an older version, please use Images -> Rename Images in AmiiSwap to get your icons on the new version (because of a new system)
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(NRO) : AmiiSwap

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