[NDS] PacMan E v0.92 alpha

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[NDS] PacMan E v0.92 alpha

Message par Cid2Mizard » 25 août 2010 21:04

Metatarsals propose la version 0.92 alpha de "PacMan E", excellente adaptation du célèbre jeu d'arcade "Pac-Man" pour la nintendo DS.

I thought it would be a good challenge to create Pacman from scratch with DSGM, with revised graphics for a fresh look. It's a pretty accurate port with the original gameplay, scoring, bonus score items etc recreated as they were in the original game. This has been a great project to work on so far and if it receives enthusiasm I will continue to develop it.

Attached is the Alpha version of the game;
-The menu and highscore screens are not final
-I intend to add in some powerups (deviating from the original a little)
-I may incorporate fading later
-Possibly will add in trophies
-No sound in the alpha

Téléchargement :
PacMan_E v0.92 alpha.zip
Source : dsgamemaker.com

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Re: [NDS] PacMan E v0.92 alpha

Message par melvillebutler » 27 août 2010 6:29

Nice to share the video of this game. I am so appreciate for you that You will build this game on your own. I wish that You will come with this game as well as soon. I hope that I will see this game with epic sound.


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