[NDS] Bilou : School Rush - Splashed

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[NDS] Bilou : School Rush - Splashed

Message par Cid2Mizard » 06 juin 2017 6:19

PypeBros propose une nouvelle version de "Bilou : School Rush" baptisé "Splashed" pour la nintendo DS.

Voici enfin une mise à jour pour School Rush. Toujours les même 4 niveaux que la fois dernière, mais avec un gameplay amélioré, plus de petites animations sur les objets interactifs (gommes et bonus) et un premier niveau plus accessible même en mode normal. Et vu que la grande majorité de tout ça m'a été recommandé par l'auteur de Splashers, je baptise cette release "splashed" ^_^


You're controlling Bilou, a blue, ball-shaped explorer. You make him JUMP with the (A) button and grab things (or throw them) with (B). Your goal is to reach the right of each level before you're caught by the ever-raising ink.
You'll need to be quick, too. Use (R) or double-tap in left/right directions as if you were a pink, living vacuum cleaner.

You can stomp some monsters, you can throw sharpeners at others. Remember: the pencil soldats are the only real threat here, and they must be stopped from pouring even more ink for their autoritarist plans. Everything else that looks dangerous is mostly acting on fear and may prove very useful if you keep your head cold. Think about how useful a bobbing sponge could be if you could ride it (B). or how high an inkwell could shoot you ...

There are rumours of magical artifacts that could help you. The Fist of Justice, that noone can stand against (double-B) and the Floating Twister (hold A), that let you reach far away places. It's unlikely the pendats will let you recover them without a fight, though.


At the far east of this school-like country, there is a gauge that will stop the ink. Rush for it! The books city is close to be destroyed once for all, and the elders' knowledge will be lost. This must be another plot from Square Root, who decided that mathematics are the only thing worth of being written down.
Everyone here seems to believe that Bilou is a sort of legendary hero...

How to play

Get the NDS image and play it on your homebrew-ready console or in an emulator, such as DeSmuME. See this page if you need extra explanation/instructions for running homebrews.

Téléchargement :
Bilou : School Rush - splashed.zip
Source : www.nintendomax.com
Site Officiel : sylvainhb.blogspot.fr

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Re: [NDS] Bilou : School Rush - Splashed

Message par pypebros » 30 déc. 2017 16:45


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