[GBA] Chaos - Battle Of Wizards v1.17

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[GBA] Chaos - Battle Of Wizards v1.17

Message par Cid2Mizard » 22 nov. 2013 5:54

Quirky propose la version 1.17 pour la Game Boy Advance de "Chaos - Battle Of Wizards", adaptation du jeu de stratégie au tour par tour du même nom sortit sur ZX Spectrum en 1985.

version 1.17

CPU players are less likely to attack Magic Wood
Stability fixes

version 1.16.1 contains minor tweaks that will be in Android build 1.17

Fix touching far right causing spell cast cursor to go off the screen
Mutation now alters trees and walls too
GBA and NDS sound and input fixes
Add spell descriptions for the more esoteric spells
Fix typo in spell descriptions
Fix "Mutation" so it can be cast on wizards, upon success all that wizard's creations are mutated.
Fix "Raise Dead" so the computer player might cast it more effectively
Stability fixes

version 1.14

Save game to continue later
Change the options save format - no longer just a dump from memory
Save options on DS and GBA now too
Magic Bow for wizards range fixed
From Android-only version 1.13: removed superfluous numbers on the selection menu

version 1.12

Fix failure to restore options
Avoid some rare situations that can lead to crashes
Versions 1.9, 1.10 and 1.11 contained minor bug fixes for the Android version only

version 1.8

Make sound fx volume more consistent
Fix dismount wizard bug
Speed up magic bolt
Add a message when Meditate's side effect kicks in (it freezes the wizard)

version 1.7

Several performance improvements for better battery life
Attack sound no longer plays when sound is disabled in the options
When a wizard meditates when mounted, then moves on a subsequent turn the game doesn't crash any more
Wizards are not frozen unfairly after meditating when the next spell cast is skipped
"Golden Dragon" on the right hand side of the spell list no longer spills onto the left side of the screen

version 1.4

Add an option to quit and return to the title screen
Pressing back on title screen exits the game
Use the classic frame width around the board
Fix spell stats screen for MEDITATE spell
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Chaos - Battle Of Wizards 1.17.zip

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