[GBA] Entombed GBA

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[GBA] Entombed GBA

Message par Cid2Mizard » 15 déc. 2015 16:02

pitcrawler propose "Entombed GBA", remake pour la Game Boy Advance du jeu de plateforme "Entombed" sortit en 1991 sur l'Atari ST. [quote]At long last here's the release version of a game I've been working on for quite a while. Entombed.

I first started on it in 2008, and recently went back and finished it.

It's a faithful remake of an old Atari ST game. It's a platform puzzler, a little bit like Rick Dangerous but one that requires more thought.

The game has 5 levels, and you're able to complete the first 4 in any order you like.

Since the Atari ST screen was bigger than the Gameboy Advance screen, I had to make a few changes:
I had to shrink the title screen graphics in order to fit them on the screen.
I had to have 2 screens for the level selector instead of one.
I had to slightly modify some of the in-game text to fit it all on the screen.
And most importantly, since you can see less of the level on the GBA screen at any one time, I had to implement a feature to 'look down' a bit so you can see what's below you.

Other than those changes, it's designed to play almost exactly like the original, except the graphics move a lot more smoothly than the Atari ST version.

I made the game purely from running the original game in a emulator, ripping the graphics and sounds, and designing the levels just from playing through them on the original many times over. I made various assumptions that turned out to be incorrect later on, forcing me to go back and make changes. But I finally got it all working mostly as it should.[/quote]

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