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[Wii] UAE Wii v10

Message par beredezebe » 13 janv. 2014 17:40


Simon Kagstrom & Oibaf proposent la version 10 de l'émulateur Amiga pour la Wii "UAE Wii", portage de l'émulateur UAE basé sur le code source de E-UAE.

Version 10
• Added Gamecube controller support
• Added graphic virtual keyboard with IR Wiimote pointer called by "+" button
• Added Wiiflow support
• Added new menus to save and load 5 configuration files
• Added audio menu with new options
• Path of last selected file remembered in the menu
• Added Picasso96 memory configuration
• Added number of floppies configuration
• Added refresh rate option
• Added blitter exact cycle option
• Added 24/32 bit cpu address space option
• Chip memory up to 8MB
• Consistency check of configuration options with gui messages
• Automatic reset emulator after memory or kickrom change
• Removed noise entering the GUI
• Fixed bug in blitter exact and adreess space configuration
• Fixed bug in sound floppy configuration
• Fixed bug in page up/down
• Patch to increase rendering speed in double buffer mode
• Case insensitive file order in the file menu

Téléchargement :
UAE Wii v10.tar.gz
Source : wiibrew.org
Site Officiel : code.google.com


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