[Wii] WiiMC-SS v1.3.4 Mod 9

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[Wii] WiiMC-SS v1.3.4 Mod 9

Message par Cid2Mizard » 21 août 2018 13:57


SuperrSonic propose un 9 ème Mod de la version 1.3.4 de "WiiMC", excellent lecteur multimédia pour la nintendo Wii. Il est recommandé d'installer le IOS 58 au préalable pour utiliser des média qui se trouverai sur USB.

Update August 20, 2018: Added a setting that removes writing to device during usage. This prevents initial slowdown when loading a video if you were previously on the settings screen.

Update August 14, 2018: GameCube controller's R trigger can be used to change the current angle.
Update July 06, 2018: Sync to video, should fix any remaining tearing (usually in 60fps video or during buffering), added a setting to disable libass, added a setting to reduce cache size to 2MB, added some minor fixes to prevent small instances of lag in certain situations.

Téléchargements :
WiiMC-SS v1.3.4 Mod 9.zip

WiiMC Channel Installer v2.0.zip
IOS 58 Installer.zip
Source : gbatemp.net
Site Officiel : github.com


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