[Wii] Snes9x RX v2.7.0=>3.2.0

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[Wii] Snes9x RX v2.7.0=>3.2.0

Message par Cid2Mizard » 04 janv. 2019 8:31


NiuuS propose la version 2.7.0 puis 3.2.0 de "Snes9x RX", nouvel émulateur super Nintendo pour la nintendo Wii.
Snes9x RX est un fork open source de Snes9x GX.

[3.2.0 - January 26, 2019]
* We only use the HermiteResampler. [Tantric]
* SwitchAudioMode update.
* Update hermite resampler to support dynamic rate control.
Fixes audio blips. Remove some asserts in APU. [Tantric]

[3.1.0 - January 24, 2019]
* Kirby Super Star intro fix. (thanks, bladeoner!)
* Reorder init to init snes9x memory earlier so it goes into MEM1. [Tantric]
* Mute sound when in turbo mode, otherwise the APU buffer can get messed up. [Tantric]
* Fix sound crackling. [Tantric]
* Change audio playback to 48khz. this should fix the tinny sound problem. [Tantric]
* Try to improve audio sync & reduce sound input rate slightly. [Tantric]
* Disable sound sync (if enabled) when using turbo mode.
Fixes sound cutting off when using turbo. [Tantric]
* Also break out of S9xMainLoop in original location. [bearoso]
* Invoke Menu with Start+A+B+Z, special for NES-SNES to GCN adapters.

[3.0.0 - January 08, 2019]
* Gamecube Virtual Memory implementation. [emukidid]
- Adds ARAM usage via the TLB.
* Add toggle to enable/disable virtual memory info.
* Miscellaneous fixes.

[2.9.0 - January 07, 2019]
* Port option to not append "Auto" from vbagx. [libertyernie]
* Correct the default aspect ratio if the Wii has 16:9 set up. [Tantric]

[2.8.0 - January 06, 2019]
* Credits crash fix and minor update.
* Removed ImageFolder from GCSettings because it can always be retrieved
from GCSettings.PreviewImage, added function to get its value. [cebolleto]
* Changing image preview with plus button. [cebolleto]

[2.7.0 - January 03, 2019]
* Remove GUI Sounds and BG Music. A bit more resources available now. [bladeoner]
* Change settings.xml to settingsRX.xml [bladeoner]
* Remove rumble in GUI function. [bladeoner]
* Rollback scanline filter fix. Makes it crash when loading a ROM on the GCN port.
* Backport fix GC build with scanline filter. [Tantric/bladeoner]
* Forgotten cleanup for remove rumble function. [bladeoner]

[2.6.0 - December 28, 2018]
* Settings saving fix. (thanks, Askot!)
* New video filters / Fix for HQ2X-Scanlines change. [Tantric]
* Minor menu optimizations. [Tantric]
* Rollback graphic fix that broke StarFox graphics.

[2.5.0 - December 24, 2018]
* Remove some debugger code in cpuexec.
* Fix Mario's Time Machine. [bearoso]
* Fix tile selection in mosaic offset-per-tile mode. Fixes first Contra 3 boss. [bearoso]

[2.4.0 - December 22, 2018]
* Use a license stub everywhere. [bladeoner]

[2.3.0 - December 20, 2018]
* Remove some debugger code.
* Remove some movie code from logger.
* Change where we break S9xMainLoopScan for input (Brunnis lag fix) [bearoso]
* Don't break interlace syncopation on frame skip. [bearoso]
* Add DMA timing hack for Koryu no Mimi translation by rpgone. [OV2]

[2.2.0 - December 7, 2018]
* Update ko.lang [DDinghoya]
* Automatically create preview image dirs if they don't exist. [Tantric]
* Remove update check completely. [Tantric]
* Reorder init to init snes9x memory earlier so it goes into MEM1. [Tantric]
* Disable multi pixel format support. [Tantric]
* Code cleanup and fix include references. [bladeoner]
* Change some defaults ("Artworks" to "Artwork"). [Tantric]
* Prevent overrunning the file buffer, increase buffer size to load larger IPS/UPS files. [Tantric]

[2.1.0 - November 26, 2018]
* Add BPS soft-patching support. [qwertymodo]
* MSU1 fixes backported. [bladeoner, qwertymodo]
* Compile fixes for Linux. [bladeoner]
* Allow loader (e.g. Homebrew Channel) to pass two arguments instead of three for autoload. [libertyernie]
* Check argc. [libertyernie]
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