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Posté : 31 mai 2009 13:33
par brunette_redhead
Woohoo! I loved this game on my DS, can't wait to check this out : ) Did you make original levels for it or port over the ones from the DS? I guess I'll find out soon enough : P

Posté : 31 mai 2009 14:17
par brunette_redhead
Hey, when I tried to run this, I was able to enter my name and start the 1-player mode. However, after it finished displaying the message about the auto save feature, I was unable to move with the joystick (if you were supposed to be able to move with the joystick during the message, I wasn't able to move at this time either.) Then when I exited using the home button 3 times, it gave me a code dump. Sorry I don't have more time to give you the address of the dump, but I'm using the game on an NTSC tv and a first gen Wii.


Posté : 31 mai 2009 14:25
par t4ils
hey :)

this is the map selection menu, you have to select a lvl on the right and click go to launch it ;)

I'll change that to launch the 1st map automatically when you don't have played the game yet ;)

Posté : 31 mai 2009 14:35
par Morukutsu
J'ai testé et je n'ai pas trouvé de bugs particuliers :)
Toujours aussi bien comme jeu, good luck.

Posté : 31 mai 2009 14:59
par brunette_redhead
Fantastic game! I couldn't see the level select button cause it was a little cut off on my Wii, but it's very good : )

Posté : 31 mai 2009 21:29
par t4ils
Le jeu est maintenant officiellement sortie :)
Release is official :)

Vous pouvez télécharger la version 1.0 ici :
You can download the 1.0 version here :

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