[NGC] Genesis Plus GX v1.7.5 RC1

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[NGC] Genesis Plus GX v1.7.5 RC1

Message par Cid2Mizard » 20 juil. 2015 14:23


Eke-Eke propose la version 1.7.5 RC1 de son excellent émulateur Megadrive / SG-1000 / Master System / Game Gear / Mega CD pour la Nintendo Gamecube "Genesis Plus GX".

Genesis Plus GX 1.7.5 (xx/xx/xxxx) (Eke-Eke)

* added optional dynamic allocation of cartridge/CD hardware buffer (for platforms with BSS size limitation)
* improved frame emulation timing, now starts with vertical blanking to reduce input lag by one more frame
(!!!warning: this breaks compatibility with previous savestates!!!)
* various code cleanup

* added CD-AUDIO & CD+G support
* added optional support for external VORBIS library
* improved CDC emulation (fixes random freezes during Jeopardy & ESPN Sunday Night NFL intro)
* improved emulation of mirrored memory areas
* improved savestate format
* improved Sub-CPU synchronization with Main-CPU (fixes "Soul Star")
* improved Main-CPU & Sub-CPU idle loop detection (fixes "Super League CD")
* disabled 68k and Z80 access to PRG-RAM when SUB-CPU is running (fixes USA version of Dungeon Explorer )
* disabled CD hardware reset on Soft-Reset (verified on real hardware)
* fixed DATA track minimal length (fixes BIOS refusing to boot small homebrew demos)
* fixed CDD "no disc" status code (fixes boot sequence loading time when no disc is loaded)
* fixed OGG file seeking when using with CUE file
* fixed PRG-RAM access from MAIN-CPU side on system reset
* fixed state loading bug when SUB-CPU interrupt is pending
* fixed incorrect masking of Level 3 (GFX) interrupts (spurious freeze during Japanese BIOS intro)
* fixed H-INT vector handling when using Mode 1
* fixed access to "write-only" communication flags (verified on real hardware by Notaz)
* fixed pending level 1 interrupts when GFX interrupt is disabled (fixes random freezes out of "Batman Returns" option menu)
* fixed CDD seek command again (Final Fight CD freeze with model 2 BIOS)
* optimized Sub-CPU / Main-CPU synchronization

* added support for some new unlicensed games with copy protection (Thunderbolt II, Tom Clown, Chaoji Puke / Super Poker)
* added support for Everdrive extended SSF mapper
* improved console region auto-detection for a few PAL-only games (The Smurfs Travel the World & Williams Arcade's Greatest Hits)
* fixed Game Genie / Pro Action Replay lock-on support when Mega CD hardware is enabled
* fixed SRAM support in Triple Play 96 & Triple Play - Gold Edition
* fixed automatic CD loading with .md ROM files
* fixed ROM padding for Sonic & Knuckles
* fixed SRAM detection for games where it is mapped to work RAM ("Feng Kuang Tao Hua Yuan" crash)
* fixed 1.7.4 regression with games using SRAM bank-switching

* added support for new SMS Power dump Jang Pung II (KR)
* added support for Hi-Com X-in-1 mapper (thanks to Bock from SMS Power)
* improved console hardware auto-detection
* improved emulation accuracy of SG-1000 & Mark-III hardware
* improved emulation accuracy of Japanese Master System I/O chip (315-5297)
* fixed Boot ROM loading when switching system hardware

* added optional LCD ghosting software filter
* fixed mirrored access to I/O control register (G-LOC Air Battle)

* added support for SG-1000 II clone hardware (2KB RAM + integrated VDP/PSG chip 315-5066)
* fixed SG-1000 internal RAM size (1KB instead of 2KB)
* restored SG-1000 Pause button support

* fixed Z80 SP register initialization on power-on for Master System & Game Gear
(Ace of Aces, Shadow Dancer, Ecco the Dolphin, Evander Holyfield Real Deal Boxing)

* added Sega Graphic Board support (thanks to SMS Power)
* added Master Tap emulation (multi-player support in Boom homebrew)
* added gamepad type auto-detection
* added support for XE-1AP analog controller on both ports
* improved HVC latch behavior for gun emulation (fixes "Gunfight - 3 in 1" randomization when using Justifier)
* fixed TeamPlayer emulation (fixes multitap detection in Gauntlet 4)

* implemented proper FIFO ring-buffer & unused bits behavior on CRAM/VSRAM reads (verified on real hardware by Nemesis)
* improved accuracy of DMA Copy/Fill & added support for CRAM/VSRAM Fill (verified on real hardware by Nemesis)
* improved V28/V30 mode switching during active display (verified on real hardware)
* improved Mode 5 sprites parsing accuracy (verified on real hardware)
* improved Mode 5 sprites rendering timings (fixes "Overdrive" demo)
* improved FIFO timings accuracy (fixes "Overdrive" Demo)
* improved H-Counter accuracy in H32 mode
* improved accuracy of Master System color palette brightness range (verified against real hardware)
* fixed misaligned buffer writes in Mode 4 when -DALIGN_LONG option is used
* fixed alpha channel for 15-bit (RGB555) and 32-bit (RGB888) color support
* fixed register #10 state on VDP¨reset (fixes GG Terminator 2: Judgment Day)
* fixed Mode 1 rendering (TMS99xx "text" mode)
* fixed Game Gear display rendering regression when left/right borders were disabled
* fixed 68k cycles delay on invalid VRAM writes (fixes "Microcosm" intro loop)
* optimized tile caching

* added configurable BIOS & Lock-on ROM files
* added configurable NTSC filter
* added configurable FPS display & toggleable fast-forward key combo
(HOME + MINUS with Wii controllers or R TRIGGER + START with Gamecube controller)
* added 50hz progressive mode (576p) support for emulation
* reduced SRAM files size
* improved A/V Sync: when VSYNC is enabled, audio resampler output rate is now adjusted (+/-0,1 %)
to always keep audio & video synchronized and input lag is reduced by one frame.
* improved GX video rendering (fixes screen tearing when VSYNC is disabled)
* improved ROM browser scrolling speed and added support for Classic Controller +/- buttons for page scrolling
* improved Cheats Menu
* fixed bug with PICO pointer
* fixed lightgun crosshair & CD leds positionning when using NTSC filter
* fixed low-pass filter menu setting
* various code cleanup & optimizations

* improved progressive mode switch request on startup when component cable is detected
* disabled simultaneous multiple .ogg files opening (fixes crashes caused to RAM size limitation)
* fixed broken DVD support

* added support for Wii U Pro Controller
* added Wiimote pointer calibration in Menu settings
* added configurable Wiimote timeout
* added game auto-load support through DOL args (compatible with "Wiiflow" plugin arguments)
* fixed support for 3rd-party classic controllers with invalid calibration settings

* added GCW Zero port by Shin-NiL & David Knight (based on SDL port)

* added optional bootrom support for Master System, Game Gear & Mega Drive / Genesis
* added support for all emulated devices (except Activator)
* added support for in-game resolution changes through RETRO_ENVIRONMENT_SET_SYSTEM_AV_INFO
* added support for .mdx ROM files
* added missing core settings (system hardware, region, lock-on, multitap, master system FM,...)
* fixed incorrect SRAM file saving
* fixed framebuffer size for PAL interlaced mode
* fixed viewport width when NTSC Filter is enabled with Mega Drive or Mega CD games using H-32 mode
* code cleanup

Téléchargement :
Genesis Plus GX v1.7.5 RC1.7z
Source : bitbucket.org


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