[NDS] GameYob v0.5.1=>0.5.2

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[NDS] GameYob v0.5.1=>0.5.2

Message par Cid2Mizard » 14 janv. 2017 8:11

Drenn réalise la version 0.5.1 puis 0.5.2 de "GameYob", émulateur Game Boy / Game Boy Color pour la Nintendo DS/DSi.

GameYob is an open-source Gameboy and Gameboy Color emulator, developed by me (Drenn), for the Nintendo DS. It has plenty of features that makes it a very complete application, like save states, mappable buttons, fast forwarding, rumble pak support and much more.

Known Issues (v0.5.2)
- Having "autosaving" enabled (as it is by default) can cause lag in some games. You may want to disable this feature; if you do, you will need to exit out of the game before exiting GameYob itself, or you will lose your progress.
- When running as a CIA on a New 3DS, the "touch" input gets spammed automatically. Adjust the "Key Config" settings to disable touch input.
- The screen sometimes goes black after opening the menu or loading from a suspend state. Toggle the menu to fix it.


Version 0.5.2

- Updated to DevkitARM r46 for better DSi support.
- Added an installable CIA file to run as DSiWare.
- Certain 3DS-side launchers such as TWLoader now work again.
- Added "touch" as a configurable button.
- When running as a CIA on the New 3DS, the "touch" input gets spammed for no reason.
It can now be disabled as a workaround.

Version 0.5.1:

- Savegame management has been modified to prevent corruption as reported by some.
- Autosaving is laggier due to the above. Consider turning it off.
- The configuration file has been moved from "gameyob.ini" to "gameyobds.ini" to prevent
conflicts with GameYob 3DS.
- A "single-screen mode" has been added.
Téléchargement :
GameYob v0.5.2.zip

Source : gbatemp.net


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