[SWITCH] Snake v3.0

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[SWITCH] Snake v3.0

Message par Cid2Mizard » 18 mai 2018 10:28

Shrike propose une troisième version de son adaptation du jeu du serpent "Snake" pour la nintendo Switch.

NEW UPDATE: SNAKE Version 3 (with 2PlayerMode, vibrations & BIG performance updates)

Hey I'm back (again) and I have a brand new version of Snake for LovePotion with me (thx TurtleP & Co for all the help <3 Bless your discord server).
This time you can battle your friends and family !
I also improved some of the graphics and fixed some of the bugs of the first two versions.

Graphic & Performance Improvements:

There is now a score for player 1 and 2.
Vibrations are now implemented but you need to (re-)activate them from the switch main menu
Also in 2Player-Mode you will have a timer where you can see how much time is left.
Performance is now much better because of LovePotion is working much faster now. Almost every bug from version 2 is now fixed because of that.
Additional I now have a "Intro Preloader" which you can see in the video below..
Oh.. and the hbmenu entry has now it's own icon and name :)

How to play in 2-Player-Mode:
To activate 2-Player-Mode, the second player just needs to press "+" on the right joycon.
In this mode you will loose your tail when you die and after 90 seconds the player with the longest tail wins ! :yay:
New in this version: There is now a timer where you can see how much time is left.

How to run:

Extract inside your /switch folder and run LovePotion.nro with hbmenu
Use the DPad keys or left-joystick for navigation (Player2: x,y,a,b or right-joystick)
Press "+" on the right joycon to start into 2PlayerMode
Restart the game to get back to SinglePlayer
Battle your best friend for a round of good old snake....
..... ?
Téléchargement :
(NRO) : Snake v3.0.zip
Source : gbatemp.net


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