[SWITCH] Ren'Py Switch v1.1

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[SWITCH] Ren'Py Switch v1.1

Message par Cid2Mizard » 21 juin 2019 13:06

uyjulian propose la version 1.1 de "Ren'Py Switch", portage du moteur de visual novels "Ren'Py" pour la nintendo Switch.

Issues relating to path handling is fixed
RomFS support is added to allow building a game into a single NRO file
Patch set against Ren'Py has been reduced
Save data path is fixed to sdmc:/Ren'Py Data/
Logs path is fixed to sdmc:/Ren'Py Logs/
Python modules not needed for operation of Ren'Py are removed from the distribution

renpy-switch-the-question-v1.1.nro can be run on your Nintendo Switch for a sample visual novel entitled "The Question."
renpy-switch-sdk-v1.1.7z contains the files needed to build your own game.
Basic steps for creating a RomFS image:

Place lib, renpy, renpy.py, and game into the Contents subdirectory of the root of the RomFS image
Use nacptool from devkitPro switch-tools package to create a NACP file with the name of the application, the author, and the version.
Use elf2nro from devkitPro switch-tools package to create a NRO file with the path to the ELF file, and with the --romfsdir= argument, the path to the Contents directory (not the Contents directory itself)

If you do not want to create a RomFS image, the old way of placing lib, renpy, renpy.py, and game in the same directory as renpy-switch.nro still works.

renpy-switch-extra-libraries-v1.1.7z contains extra Python standard libraries if you are using those that are not included in Ren'Py.
Téléchargement :
(NRO + SDK + XTRA ) : renpy-switch v1.1.7z
Source : gbatemp.net
Site Officiel : github.com


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