[3DS] GodMode9 v1.9.0

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[3DS] GodMode9 v1.9.0

Message par Cid2Mizard » 25 oct. 2019 14:23


d0k3 propose la version 1.9.0 de "GodMode9", explorateur de fichier (Nand/EmuNand) disposant de tous les droits pour la nintendo 2DS/3DS.

If you followed the behind the scenes progress you knew: GodMode9 development may be a bit slower than what you're used to, but it's everything but dead. Thanks to the help of numerous contributors and the tireless work of @Wolfvak (who actually did most of the hard lifting for this release), we present you a major new release today, including several long wanted features. This is new:

[new] Touchscreen support, used for keyboard (manual calibration is possible, but not required)
[new] LED support, signaling finished operations when the shell is closed
[new] Detecting shell opened/closed, turn off display to save battery
[new] Brightness configuration (in HOME menu)
[new] Support for mounting, reading and writing DISA and DIFF (.db) files (thanks @aspargas2!)
[new] Allow setting attributes for directories
[new] Read and write support for gamecart saves (thanks @dratini0)
[improved] Completely rewritten ARM11 core
[improved] Countless under-the-hood improvements thanks to @Wolfvak
[fixed] A metric fuckton of bugfixes (quoting @Wolfvak here)
[scripting] Allow game icons as preview

Did you know?
A lot (= almost all?) of the common user questions are already answered by the accompanying Readme.md file. If your question is about setting up GodMode9, for example, it may wise to give the Quick Setup Guide a quick peek. By the way: Unless you use GodMode9 as a bootloader, you don't actually need the aeskeydb.bin or any other additional support files (you may want the seeddb.bin and encTitleKeys.bin, though).

"I get a black screen when booting GodMode9"
That was the most common issue with the previous version (v1.8.0), and it only happened when chainloading GodMode9 via the Luma 3DS chainloader (maybe also only on N3DS, we don't know). Both the Luma 3DS and GodMode9 development teams tried to stop this from happening. You actually may not see this happen at all in this release, but we can't guarantee it. If you turn out to be one of the unlucky ones, there's a tried and true solution: Switch to fastboot3DS and let it handle that for you. The installation is quick and painless via OpenFirmInstaller. After the transition, everything will work exactly the way you were used to (you may hold HOME at boot and delve into fastboot3DS customization if you want to).

Téléchargement :
(FIRM) : GodMode9 v1.9.0.zip
Source : gbatemp.net
Site Officiel : github.com


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